We’re Approved!

My wife met with our social worker for the last time today.  Now, there are some papers to move around and a judge to visit, but those are all just technical hurdles on our way to inevitable finalization.  I’m so excited!

Life Under the Big Top

Every Friday night, Mr. Applesauce and I have a pajama party.  We play video games and watch movies until it’s time to go to sleep. For him, it’s the better bedtime. For me, it’s an hour and a half of drifting in and out of sleep while he tries to convince me to let him watch “just one more episode.” It’s a tradition to which we both look forward all week long.  Last Friday, we brushed our teeth, put on our pajamas and crawled into bed where I took just a moment to check my email before turning on my son’s favorite game.  That was a mistake; I spent the rest of my waking moments wishing  I could un-see what I had just read and knowing that I couldn’t really do anything about it without interrupting my son’s play time. Continue reading