Let Me Tell You Why Life Still Rocks

So, Chosen SLC Half Marathon doesn’t want us anymore.  That’s a shame, for them and for us, but things are still pretty great. Perhaps I’m just speaking from my compulsive habit of looking on the bright side of life, but I do see more sunshine than thunderheads.  So, here is my list of reasons that life still rocks.

1. My family feels complete.

While Lil’ Miss Texas is not officially a member of our family until this summer, things feel like they are finally at rest. She and Mr. Applesauce are the brightest part of our lives, and we wouldn’t have them together if it wasn’t’ for your help.  I’ve been told that parenthood makes a lot of people unhappy. I’m just not feeling that.  We give up a lot for our kids, but they give us so much more in return.  Granted, most of what they give us in the first few years is vomit and poop, but I’m strangely okay with that.

2. Runningforbaby is a success.

We haven’t had any massive ground swell of support for our cause, but I cannot ignore what has been given.  Through our fundraising efforts, we’ve raised well over $8,000 of our adoption expenses.  Recently, Cassie set up a Facebook group to catalog fundraising efforts and has expanded into other activities.  My favorite is our puzzle drive.  For $10, we’ll put your name on the back of a puzzle piece to show our kids later some of the wonderful people who helped connect us. It’s a 500 piece puzzle, and we’ve only given out a few of the pieces so far.  So, there’s still plenty of room for you and your friends to get on board.

3. Alternative rock is popular again.

A few years ago, I tried to play a hard rock song for some students, thinking it was what kids were into.  All they wanted to hear was Vampire Weekend.  It was an awesome moment for me.  We still aren’t to the point where Top 40 and Easy Listening stations are regularly playing Alt Rock songs, but things are getting better.  Among his favorite bands, Mr. Applesauce includes American Authors, Imagine Dragons, Bleachers, and Foster the People.  I think that qualifies me as a good father.

5. I have graduated from caring about my social standing.

There is a special kind of power and freedom that comes from not caring what teenagers think of me.  Every once in a while, kids will try to leverage my coolness to get something out of me.  Fortunately, I do not care if I’m cool or not.

6. Running is free.

I don’t have money for competitive running any more.  I’m late on paying my taxes and can’t really figure out how to keep positive amounts in my bank account, but that doesn’t have to stop my progress.  Today, one of my male students came to class wearing a pregnancy simulation suit.  Long story short, for some reason or another Speech & Debate required a bit of physical activity for him, and one of his classmates remarked that he had never seen a fat person run so far.  To that, I responded that I had gone thirteen miles.

7. I own a lawn mower.

I’m lucky to live in an unfinished neighborhood where the city ignores the fact that I still don’t have a front lawn.  One day I will own a lawn, but I can play make believe until then.  I splurged on a lawn mower to tame the patch of weeds threatening to overpower my lot.  It makes me feel down right domestic to push that thing around.

There are many other reasons to smile, but I wanted to jot down these few just to get things turned in a more positive direction.  Pay attention for more great news in the future.



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