Adoption Carnival!

Come see us at the Adoption Carnival on May 31st!  We’ll be selling caricatures by Storytellers Art Studio.


2 thoughts on “Adoption Carnival!

  1. It is extremely sad to see a post like this. The word adoption and circus should never be in the same sentence. Have you thought about how this message affects adoptees? It is disrespectful. I am pro-adoption and I am an adoptee. I am not in favor of fundraising for adoptions, especially those internationally. I understand your needs and your desires, however, I have never been so appalled by an adoption fundraiser until I came across this post on Facebook, and read the comments of many hurt adoptees. Adoptees are often treated as circus freaks growing up because they look different than their adoptive families. They are pointed at and laughed at. This is something we have to deal everyday of our lives, not you, the adoptive parents. My deepest prayer is that you understand that I come to you in no disrespect, but that you acknowledge the pain and emotions of adoptees on this matter. I also pray that you discontinue this fundraiser. I can only imagine what your adopted child/ren will think of themselves when they find out that their parents started a circus to raise money to adopt them.

    I will be praying for your heart to not continue this mockery of adoptees.

    Thank you

    • I need to be very careful in my response to this lest I cause future damage; however, I believe you are missing the point. It is not my wish to to cause insult or injury, nor am I involved in any “adoption circus.” While I am not myself an adopted child and cannot speak as such, I do know this much: the experience of adoptees is not a singular one. Many of my friends and neighbors, themselves adoptees, have voiced strong support of my efforts to complete my family through adoption. The gamut of sentiments toward adoption that are held by adopted children depends on many factors, not the least of which is how society views their place in their adoptive families. I’m quite aware of this, and I spend much of my parenting time discussing adoption with my son. In my family, there are no secrets, no stigma. Eventually, he and his sister will have to deal with the sometimes cruel and often marginalizing judgments of society. I hope to prepare them for this to the best of my abilities. Part of that means working toward a society that is more open and accepting of non-traditional families; a more important part is helping my own children navigate the difficult task of self-identification.

      Also, looking at your post on Facebook, I believe you either misunderstand or are deliberately misrepresenting the event. First of all, there is a not-so-subtle difference between a carnival and a circus. You mention that the words “adoption” and “circus” should not be in the same sentence, yet you are the only one to put them there. There will be no elephants, no ringleader, and especially no children on display. The event is hosted by a non-profit organization called United for Adoption, seeking to help adoptive parents, adopted children, and birth mothers–perhaps we can discuss their ignorance toward birth fathers or the intricacies and foibles of international adoptions at another time. My point here is that having people donate to adoption funds while playing carnival games and celebrating their own families is not the vile spectacle you have made it out to be.

      I am happy to discuss with you the complex emotional and psychological effects of adoption and our disagreement about my perceived need to raise funds to bring my family together. I will also do my best to avoid any fundraising efforts that would cause my kids to lose their sense of belonging, their feeling of safety, or their personal privacy. And, just for the record, I don’t know how my daughter would respond to me organizing a circus (not that I’m doing that) to pay outrageous agency fees. Maybe I’ll ask her about it some day.

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