Q: How can I help?

A:  There are several ways to help. My favorites are money and publicity. Share my blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates with all your friends and family;  Post a link to runningforbaby.com on your blog or website; and, of course, donate to the cause.  I also love to see your support online and in person.

Q: How do I know my money is actually going toward adoption expenses?

A:  Your donation through adopttogether.org will be given as grants to cover verified adoption expenses.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: Any donation made through adpttogether.org, is tax-deductible.  Donations made personally or to my Paypal account are not.

Q: Why adoption?

A: Cassie and I have always been fans of adoption.  Our original family plan was to deliver 2 or 3 genetic children before adopting a couple more children later on.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the plan had to be altered  slightly.

Q: Why don’t you just adopt a child out of foster care?

A: I believe all children are in need of a loving mother and father; this includes those who are not in foster care.  Cassie and I support those who adopt out of foster care, but we are unable to do so until our first children are old enough to put the foster-to-adopt kids at the end of the birth order.

Q: Do you believe infertility obligates couples to adopt only foster children?

A: No, I do not.

Q: When is your next race?

A:  I plan on running one race per month.  My next race is posted on the front page of my website.

Q: What is Kid A’s name, and why do you keep calling him “Kid A?”

A:  This blog and its accompanying social experiment are my own.  My son is not yet old enough to bask in the publicity of his dad’s crazy ideas.  The moniker “Kid A,” an allusion to an early Radiohead song, is used to protect his privacy until he is old enough to sell it out himself.

Q: Do you support open adoption?

A: Yes. I support whatever arrangement is in a child’s best interest.  That often includes some form of open communication with his or her biological parents.

Q: What is your religion?

A: Cassie and I are both Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

Q: Why don’t you use inexpensive adoption help from your religion?

A: The Mormon church strongly supports adoption, and much of the work done by LDS Family Services is to support and subsidize adoption efforts by LDS couples.  I applaud their efforts, but their system is bloated by families seeking children, their focus is only on newborn adoptions, and their approach asks prospective adoptive parents themselves to seek out mothers wishing to give their babies a better life.

Q: Do you find it more difficult or less difficult to wake up the day after an especially strenuous run?

A: I find it easy to get up every day, but that is only because I have two dogs whining, right next to my face, for a potty break and some breakfast.

Q: Does Kid A like going for runs?

A: My boy loves to go running with me.  We hook my iPod up to the speaker on his stroller and have a great time.

Q: Will you continue to run after adopting Baby B?

A:  I want to get and stay healthy.  I will continue to work out regularly, but I don’t know whether or not that means more running.

Q: Will Cassie be running any marathons?

A:  That is entirely up to her.  She’s not crazy enough to tie herself up in a challenge like this, and I don’t blame her.

Q: What does Cassie do while you are running?

A:  When she is at work, she helps people recover from surgery.  When she is at home, she does whatever it is she does when I’m out doing anything else.

Q: How many races do you plan to run this year?

A: I plan on running 9 races in 2013.

Q: Are you on Twitter?

A: Yep: @runningforbaby.  Follow me and stuff.  You can see my Twitter feed on the sidebar of my blog.

Q: As an English Teacher, how do you justify gramatical and spelling errors in you blog?

A: Grammatical is spelled with 2 M’s.