Not So Chosen

I’ve been sitting on this bad news for about a week, just because I don’t know where to take things next. The Chosen SLC half marathon has officially rejected us.  While we can still raise funds through our profile, we’ve lost the ability to put together a racing team for this fall’s big event.  I like Chosen and what they do, but they aren’t going to help me get any closer to my goal.  So, what’s next?


Yesterday’s Run

I know I haven’t posted anything in a little while. I want to start actively recruiting runners for my Chosen SLC Half Marathon team, but I’ve run into a bureaucratic roadblock.  Chosen’s primary mission is to unite orphans with forever families, and, while they do allow teams to raise money for other adoptions, they may not allow us to raise money for a child that is already in our home. In other words, if this race had happened before January, there wouldn’t be a problem.  So, while I wait for them to decide whether or not they will allow me to raise money for Lil’ Miss Texas, I’ll go back to entertaining you with stories of my sad attempts at physical fitness.  Keep reading to see what the typical workout is for a father of a couple small children working two jobs. Continue reading

My Breakup with Exercise

Body image is a major issue with women and an increasingly big deal for many men. On her Blog, Talkin’ Reckless, Leah explains her complicated relationship with body image and exercise. It’s wort a read.

Talkin' Reckless

In November, I met the amazing Ragen Chastain at a conference. She was the keynote speaker and blew the minds of college health professionals about Health at Every Size. During one of her talks she explained that many people are currently experiencing a “bad breakup with exercise.” That phrase was a gift to me – I finally have the  words to describe my fraught and complex relationship with exercise.

I was never an overly active kid. I loved to read, play with plastic dinosaurs, and find salamanders in the woods. I hated gym class. I did not like sports. Nor did I like hiking or cross-country skiing, my parents’ favorite activities. Once I hit puberty my body became soft and pudgy and my dislike of physical activity was no longer just a personality trait – it became a flaw. It became an indicator of my laziness and bad attitude…

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Lay off the women in running tutus (and that includes you, SELF)

“It’s possible – and necessary! – to keep talking about gender and athleticism and femininity but please, let’s find a way to do it without tearing each other down.”

Fit and Feminist

You’ve probably all seen that list of the top ten professions that attract psychopaths going around by now, right?  I’ve seen it a few times, mainly because I run in circles with journalists and TV news people, and those professions both cracked the top ten.  As much as I want to lodge a protest on behalf of my profession and say that we aren’t all heartless jerks who view people as little more than fodder to fill our various news holes/magazine spaces/on-air times, sometimes I see a decision made by a media outlet that is so heartless, so cruel that I cannot help but think that the psychopath-career list is more accurate than I am comfortable with.

One of those instances just happened with SELF magazine.  SELF is getting called out in a big way because, well, here:

Monika Allen says she was excited to receive an email from…

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