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1. The typical U.S. adoption costs $35,ooo.  The high cost of adoption keeps children away from good, qualified parents who would adopt if they could only afford it.

2. The typical U.S. citizen is overweight, and 39% of Americans are clinically obese.  Obesity-related illness lowers the quality of life and takes parents, spouses, and children from this world prematurely.

Together, we solve both of these problems.

Join Running for Baby on our quest to unite families, give children the love and stability they deserve, and keep their parents healthy for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Sponsor Us

  1. Make sure the mother has not sold the child to many other family’s. if you watch all the different news report there a many scandals out there just waiting to take you for a ride. The reason why is people like yourself are what they would call easy pre.

    • Cheryl. Thank you for your concern. Rest assured that this is not my first time in the adoption game. We are working with a state-licensed agency and will not pay a dime until the child is placed in our custody. It is illegal for mothers to sell babies, and the high price of adoption has nothing to do with compensating this woman for placing her child with us.

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